Met Penguins?!

Just how popular have penguins become? Earlier this summer I took my daughter to the Mets new stadium (which I won’t name for reasons too numerable to list), and during our initial walk through of the ballpark we came across a curious sight in the gift shops. There amongst the scores of Met and baseball related items in every shape, size and color were a couple of different sized plush penguins wearing Met t-shirts. Upon spotting these my daughter pointed and shouted,”Look daddy, Met Penguins!” We pondered what these penguins have to do with the Mets and just chalked it up to the recent upsurge of penguin popularity. It’s nice to know that penguins in some small way might help pay for a free agent signing or two during the off season, the Mets can certainly use the help. So, move over Mr. Met.met penguins

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