Penguins Invade Home Of The Beatles

As told to the Penguin Post not only has the GO Penguins festival created 20 new jobs and injected an estimated £100,000 into Liverpool’s creative sector, but with less than three weeks to go before the city is flooded with penguins.  Dozens of Merseyside artists have been commissioned and are hard at work putting the finishing touches to their penguin designs, and at this point more than 20 of the 148, five foot tall penguins have now been completed, while almost 100 schools are also hard at work completing their mini models.  The project, commissioned by Liverpool city council and driven by Wild in Art, follows the wildly successful Go Superlambananas in Capital of Culture year. Sally-Ann Wilkinson, director of Wild in Art, said: “The penguins which are being designed are brilliant. I’m overwhelmed by the response we’ve had. The painting space is filled with some of the leading artists in Liverpool, all embracing this project and perfecting their designs. “There’s a lot of creativity and good humour.” Designs include Neil Flipstrong, celebrating the 40th anniversary of man landing on the moon; the Sex Pistols-inspired Never Mind the Pollocks! and a penguin made completely from recycled plastic bags. They will appear in Liverpool, St Helens and Wirral.


Some of the Penguins of Liverpool


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