Ride Of The Penguins!

This being the day before “turkey day” what could be more appropriate than watching a bunch of “turkeys” dressed as penguins snowboarding in Vail? Last February I received a rush order phone call for 42 adult penguin costumes from a Mr. Paul Rogers, a young man with a vision. Paul’s vision was for he and 41 of his friends to go snowboarding down a mountain in Vail dressed as penguins. Cool vision if you ask me. So, I rushed the costumes out to Colorado and from what I heard it was mission accomplished for the Ride Of The Penguins. Which takes me to yesterday, when after nine months I get a call Paul asking me if I’d seen the clip of he and his friends waddling down the slopes on YouTube? No, I said, but 5 minutes later the answer was a resounding yes, and then 5 minutes after that yes again, a few minutes later I showed it to my wife, kids, cat, neighbor, the guy at the video store . You get the idea. Well, just in time for Thanksgiving for your viewing pleasure and obviously something for everyone to discuss around the dinner table. It’s Ride Of The Penguins. Enjoy and have a waddling Thanksgiving.

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