The Penguins Of Hanukkah

Unlike it’s season counterpart the Jewish festival of lights has never really incorporated penguins in the the fabric of the holiday.  In fact up until a few years ago Hanukkah was just a (non-electric) Menorah, some chocolate money (gelt), and a wooden top (draidle). In fact there were on;y a couple of songs pertaining to the holiday and other than the fact that it went on for eight days and if you came from a family on the right side of the tracks you might cash in for week plus one day long bonanza of presents and other loot. In my family it was seven days of pencil cases, school supplies and playing cards and on the 8th day came the biggie. That aside, penguins and Hanukkah simply were never a tradition as the first 3000 years or so of the holiday no one was even aware of penguins. Still, as we waddle on into the 21st century penguins have begun to make their way into many holidays that have not even been a blip on the radar screen and Hanukkah is one of them. As we’ve personally witnessed by our (now defunct) Penguin Menorah that we carried for a half dozen years and the public is clamoring for a return of, Pinkus our Hanukkah Plush Penguin and our very popular Penguin Keppah (or Yarmulka) that has been a hit not only during the holiday season but has been the Kippa of choice for many a penguin loving Bar Mitzvah boy and girl. I realize that having just two penguin Hanukkah themed items does not make for much of a category, but what do you want, a penguin shaped Matza Ball mold?

A penguin who likes to nosh on Gifilte Fish? What's not to like.

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2 Responses to “The Penguins Of Hanukkah”

  1. Katherine Kemp Says:

    How can I get one??

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