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Penguins On Parade In St. Louis

December 31, 2009

This past Wednesday’s weather set the perfect scene for the Penguin Parade at the St. Louis Zoo.  The penguins took a break from swimming at the Penguin and Puffin Coast to join zoo visitors outdoors, much to the delight of the crowd.  Zookeepers say the penguins can take a stroll outside anytime the weather is below 50 degrees. The penguins go on their waddling parade every Sunday at 2 p.m. through February 28, weather permitting.

Waddling in the midwest

Penguin Population At Seaworld Expanding

December 31, 2009

The penguin population is growing at SeaWorld in San Diego.
The Penguin Post has learned that nearly two dozen penguin chicks, representing three different species, have been born at the park since the middle of November.
SeaWorld says some of the baby penguins are being raised by their parents in the Penguin Encounter Exhibit, while others are being hand-raised in a nursery. The chicks will be ready to swim and join the adult penguins in the water when they are three months old.
More than 500 penguin chicks have been hatched at SeaWorld since 1980.

Penguin Windows

December 30, 2009

Penguin Windows’ community giving campaign got a heart-felt holiday boost this week with a special delivery made just in time for Christmas. On December 22nd at 11:30 AM, a large Penguin Windows truck backed up to the Northwest Harvest Cherry Street Food Bank in Seattle, WA to deliver thousands of dollars worth of food, just a week after delivering hundreds of toys to area charities. This latest delivery will help give Northwest Harvest the supplies it needs to provide nutritious food to hungry people statewide over the holidays in a manner that respects their dignity, and works to eliminate hunger. Penguin Windows President, Dean Laue makes a concerted effort to give year round, but this year he wanted to reach deeper and give more. “We believe in this community. It’s not just where we work, it’s where we live,” said Laue. “And for the folks at Penguin Windows, the holidays are a big part of what makes our communities so bright. It’s only natural that we’d rally behind such a great cause that truly embodies the spirit of giving.” Northwest Harvest, Washington’s own statewide hunger relief agency, provides a proven, successful, and cost-effective model for getting nutritious food to those who need it. They strive to be the most efficient hunger response program in the state of Washington, with more than 93% of their budget going directly to food distribution. The massive food donation comes just a week after Penguin Windows teamed up with another Seattle organization, Treehouse, for a highly-successful gift drive called “The Joy of Giving.” Last weekend, proud Penguin employees delivered more than 350 toys destined for needy families, as well as clothing donations that would also be delivered in time for Christmas.

Penguin Windows Truck Being Loaded

Evil Penguins

December 29, 2009

What’s black-and-white and evil all over?
Get ready to find out the terrifying truth….That’s it in a nutshell in this hilarious soft cover book I found yesterday while shopping for some belated Christmas gifts.  The 50 or so pages are like a penguins themed Far Side gone bad, in very funny ways.  Here’s a little synopsis.

Penguins. They’re everywhere — gracing movie screens, Coke ads, and merchandise. But don’t let those happy feet fool you. When they’re not surfing or marching bravely across the Antarctic, penguins have a whole other agenda going on. And it isn’t pretty.

In Evil Penguins, Elia Anie captures the antics of cute little birds who have gone over to the dark side. If you thought the worst a penguin could do is make you feel guilty about global warning, think again. Here are cartoons of penguins leading revolts, giving SpongeBob a swirly, causing plagues, clubbing baby seals, killing Inuits while dressed as ninjas, and wreaking havoc in dozens of other hysterically appalling ways. Both penguin lovers and those who know that evil can come in even the cuddliest packages will appreciate these bad birds.

In other words look for this at Penguin Place early in 2010.

Penguins Splash In The New Year

December 27, 2009

Time was when the only holiday celebrating at Ocean City, Md., was done by the seagulls feasting on a washed-up fish in the surf.
Today, human tourists and locals who partied all summer long make their way to the beach for some holiday cheer of their own.
These visitors are discovering the joy of fireworks over the waves followed by watching the first sunrise of the year, in all its glory and colorful reflection on the cold waves.
As part of Ocean City’s “Winterfest of Lights,” the Avenue of Trees along Baltimore Avenue between 15th and 32nd streets is aglow as part of more than 1 million holiday lights and animated displays sparkling throughout town.
And like the holiday glow brightening every street corner, New Year’s Eve is a townwide celebration at any of the hundreds of hotels and restaurants that have marked memorable times for summer visitors.
Many downtown hotels such as Howard Johnson’s Beachfront Hotel at 12th Street offer New Year’s Eve packages and Winterfest packages.
At the iconic Carousel Resort Hotel, famous for its indoor ice rink in the lobby, an affordable New Year’s Eve package features a retro 1970’s party with DJ, open bar, hors d’oeuvres and a champagne toast at midnight.
“There will also be a balloon drop with party favors and a two-night stay included in the package price,” noted Carousel’s catering director, Kim R. Heffner.
Other large hotels offering spectacular packages are Clarion Resort, Dunes Manor, The Grand Hotel, The Edge & Lighthouse Club Hotel at Fager’s Island and the Princess Royale.
The Princess Royal is also the site of a great Ocean City New Year’s Day tradition. The “Sixteenth Annual Penguin Swim” is a fundraising event to benefit the nearby Berlin’s Atlantic General Hospital Foundation. Hospital spokeswoman, Amy Unger, noted that the 2009 swim “…raised over $73,000 in support of the hospital’s mission, ‘To provide quality care, personalized service and education to improve individual and community health.'”
But the philanthropic aspect of “The Penguin Swim” is only the half of it. The event is fun! Participants gather at the hotel at 12:00 pm to register for the 1:00 pm plunge. Afterwards, prizes and refreshments are given out in the atrium area of the hotel’s lobby.
“It works very much like a walk-a-thon,” said Toni Keiser, Vice President of Public Relations at the hospital. “The swimmers get sponsors and they’re off.”
The brave-hearted “penguins” can wear wet suits if they like, or they can play it safe and just dip one toe into the surf.
“Over the years I have watched [the fundraiser] grow with visitors from Baltimore, Washington and New York, “Keiser continued. “It’s become an annual tradition.”

Penguins On Lake Michigan?

December 27, 2009

If you happen to find yourself on the northwest Indiana’s Lake Michigan shore, and spot what looks like a small penguin, it’s not your imagination.  Unfortunately, it’s also not a penguin. It’s an ancient murrelet, a biological cousin of the puffin (the northern hemisphere’s flying version of a penguin)  that lives in Alaska and winters in the Pacific Northwest.
“For a lot of birders, this was their Christmas gift,” says Indiana state parks naturalist Brad Bumgardner.
According to Bumgardner, Valparaiso birder John Kendall — a record-setter when it comes to spotting bird species — saw the football-sized bird floating with a grebe in the water Dec. 18 off the breakwall at the Port of Indiana.
“This would be only the third murrelet spotted in Indiana,” Bumgardner said. “It may be the same one that was seen in the harbor at St. Joseph, Mich., last month. It’s kind of small, so it gets picked on by the gulls and other birds.”
He couldn’t offer an explanation of how the bird strayed so far from home.  But, had it been an actual penguin, that would have really been some straying.

Only three ancient murrelets have been reported in Indiana.

Baby King Penguin Stars At Edinburgh Zoo

December 26, 2009

The Penguin Post has learned that the penguin keepers in Edinburgh have been celebrating the first king penguin chick born at Edinburgh Zoo in five years.
The fluffy brown bundle of fun will be easy for visitors to spot in the zoo’s penguin parade this Christmas. At almost two months old, the feisty arrival has not been named as it is still too young to tell if it is a boy or girl. The chick took staff at the zoo by surprise, surviving against the odds to be born just in time to delight visitors this Christmas.
King penguins are notoriously difficult to breed, as other penguins can become jealous and try to wrest the egg from its parents, often damaging it. Keepers had to isolate the parents and egg to protect the new chick.
Penguin keeper Lynda Burrill said: “This chick was a total surprise to us. King penguins normally lay eggs in June and July but this egg arrived in late August. In October the chick started to break out of the egg and a couple of days later the new arrival emerged.
“It’s a feisty little character, if one of the other adults gets too close it will stand up for itself and have a peck at them. It will hopefully be fully integrated into the group in the next week or so.”
The zoo was the first in the world to exhibit and breed penguins. The three king penguins that arrived on a Christian Salvesen whaling expedition in January 1914, were the first ones ever seen outside the South Atlantic.

Scottish Penguin Chick Warms Up The Winter

Chilly U.K. Doesn’t Bother Penguins

December 25, 2009

These U.K. penguins may be far from home but they have certainly got Happy Feet.  Humans might be feeling the chilly weather, but King Penguins and Humboldt Penguin at Birdland in Gloustershire have been enjoying the icy conditions.
The birds from Antarctica and South America have been happily marching their way through the snow in Bourton-on-the-Water.
But fortunately the people in Gloucestershire will be waking up to a slightly warmer morning today than the county has been experiencing – with temperatures predicted to be above freezing for th first time all week.
Those hoping to mark Christmas day by building a traditional snowman may be disappointed although we’re sure the penguins won’t mind the chilly rain at all.

Chilly young visitor to Birdland takes a look at her favorite waddlers

Santa Brings Us A New & Old Penguin

December 25, 2009

While we were all busy yesterday afternoon wrapping  presents, cooking and getting ready for Christmas Eve, Santa (AKA Laury the UPS lady) surprised us a bit early with a couple of special delivery boxes of Penguin Place presents.  I’m happy to say that one was a large box containing our long lost, very cute Jumbo Emperor Penguin Chick Plush that has been out of stock since October, and the other was a smallish, heavy and very minty  smelling box that contained a whole lot of tins containing PINGOS Icy Fresh Peppermint Candies.  Just in time to help get that egg nog off your breath.

Minty Penguins!

Penguin Rookery Sale Starts Today!

December 25, 2009

After opening  presents and a non traditional Christmas  morning breakfast of challah french toast with sprinkles it was back to work for a couple of hours for yours truly, adding about 50 items to our Penguin Place Sale Page which brings the total amount of penguins on sale to an iceberg size 160!  We’ll be making a formal announcement tomorrow.

These great kids penguin boots are now only $19.95