Penguin Party In Your Tummy!

People always ask me how do I find all the penguins that I offer at Penguin Place?  The answer is a little bit of everything, gift, toy and other trade shows, wholesale and distributer reps and sometimes I just see something in a store and say, wow I gotta have some of these for Penguin Place (and me).  Last night was case and point when I took my kids to Yankee Candle Village in Deerfield, Mass.  If you’ve never been to this  place, it’s one of the more amazing holiday stores I’ve ever scene, and the outside lights are are simply outstanding.  The store is endless and fun for kids of all ages, including me and my 6 & 2 year olds, but while walking from one themed room to another my daughter Sophie calls out, “look daddy, Penguin Pasta!”  Yup, there was a bin filled with 14 ounce bags of Penguin Party Pasta.  With a big grin I scooped up a bag and purchased it with a couple of other goodies.  This morning I called up the nice folks who make Party Penguin Pasta, explained about Penguin Place and ordered a case.  It’ll be here Monday.  In the meantime, we made some Penguin Mac & Cheese for dinner tonight and my little penguins gave it two flippers up.

Pasta with Penguin Personality!


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