X-Rated Penguin Pal

The Penguin Post has stumbled across an adult penguin toy, that not the Penguin Pooper or even the Proliferating Penguin Mug. What we’ve found is the I Rub My Penguin®. Which in a nutshell is a personal penguin vibrator. Here’s the description for the penguin although right now Penguin Place does not have any plans to offer it.
This cute little vibrating waddler has 8 Play Modes, including multiple speed and pulse pattern combinations to meet your different massage needs. His curved body makes him easy to hold and to choose the depth and girth that is most desirable for you! This little guy loves “fowl” play with his round head and fat nose that curve around and caress the female’s most erotic spot with a Pulsating Antarctic Blast that will send a chill up your spine. Your friendly Penguin also comes with his own decorative Iceberg Display Stand that sits on counter tops or attaches to the shower wall (with included suction cups), so your new best friend is always nearby and ready to play! Requires 2 AA Batteries. (Not Included)

A very cute dirty bird


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