Big Penguin / Small Box

Three years ago when the Giant Inflatable Penguin was discontinued by the manufacturer I was naturally disappointed.  After all not only was this a very cool item, but it was a fairly good seller and seemed to make a lot of customers happy.  At the same time I was also a bit relieved. Although very cool, the Giant Inflatable Penguin was, well giant. Even deflated and in its box this was a heavy duty item in  very large and cumbersome packaging.   With the cost of  shipping going up and up with UPS and Fed Ex and the size of the box coming more into play when calculating shipping charged, the  Giant Inflatable  Penguin in its former configuration  was becoming quite a logistical headache.  Obviously, that’s what the manufacturer and distributer were thinking when the ended production in 2007.  Still, for the past 2  1/2 years I’ve done nothing but nag the distributer about bringing back the GIP into their line.  But, as the saying goes “be careful what you wish for”.  Now, in the middle of the Penguin Place holiday frenzy the Giant Inflatable Penugin has made a triumphant return,  and to my surprise his packaging has been redesigned  to the point where one simply cannot believe that the same penguin is in the new packaging.  To say it’s been streamlined is an understatement.  The penguins new packaging looks more like a medium sized jigsaw puzzle than it’s former surfboard shaped home, and it appears to weigh at least 25% less.  The first thing I did when I opened the bulk box of GIP’s was delete the notice on the item description that it’s not available for international or express shipping, because with the configuration it most definitely is.  I also knocked $5.00 off the price which I figured I needed to offset the weight and over sized shipping charge that UPS would hit me with.  This majestic emperor of all penguin inflatables is now ready to waddle into your home no matter where you live.  All you need is a great set of lungs or a bike pump.

How this guy fits in a 12" x 10" x 2" box is beyond me.



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