Knit Knit Penguin Hats Arrive Just In Time

With a pair of Next Day Air orders staring me in the face I was on icy pins and needles waiting for the UPS lady (yes my “brown” is a lady) to come trudging through our first Northampton snowstorm of the season with what I hoped would be a large box of Delux Knitwit Penguin Hats and Mittens. Then, as I was giving up all hope as the clock struck noon, through the blizzard like conditions out my window, I saw her waddling her way towards Penguin Place like a big brown king penguin chick pushing a handcart full of boxes. Yes, and inside those boxes were just the penguin hats and mittens I was waiting for. But, wait there’s more! Since, I just about cleaned the Delux company out of their penguin inventory telling them to “send me everything they had”, I now find myself unexpectedly in possession of two different adult penguin knit hats. I guess when it snows it pours (or at least snows very hard) One hat is the one pictured on the Penguin Place website with the yellowish / orange beak and the cute model, the other (not pictured on the website) is just as cute a hat with a brown nose and coloring patterns more like a Blackfoot Penguin, not unfortunately, no cute model or image is available to me. So, I’ll try to get a picture of it tomorrow of it tomorrow and show it to the world. In the meantime at least I don’t have to disappoint those next day air people. They’ll be getting their holiday penguin gifts tomorrow, never knowing how close they came to the dreaded penguin Penguin Place refund.

Not the cute model I was thinking about, but the hat is adorable.


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One Response to “Knit Knit Penguin Hats Arrive Just In Time”

  1. Sam Ferguson Says:

    I really want this pattern, the hat is soo cute

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