Yet Another New Knit Penguin Hat

Our new knit penguin hat is up on the Penguin Place. We’re calling it what it reads on the Knitwits hat tag, ” Adult Baby Pilot Hat”.  It wasn;t too hard to talk my penguin elf Michelle in modeling the hat for me.  I think she looks lovely as does the hat.

The Penguin Pasta arrived today and with all the orders we took for it over the past couple of day it was all sold out by 2 pm.  I re-ordered it and it should be back in stock by mid week next, but being that we’re getting so close to the holidays I took it off the website.  Also selling out for 2009 today was the golfer ornament, 50 piece and 500 piece penguin jigsaw puzzles, padgett the wind up penguin, the pink & blue kids watches, Yomiko Mom and Baby plush, Adelie Shower Curtain, mini tote and the surprise seller of the season the Penguin Eye Glass holder.  The two items are sold out but will be back in by the beginning of the week are the penguin and chick night light and adult penguin suspenders. Also back in stock today is the very attractive Penguin Light Switch Plate.

Michelle looking cool in her Baby Penguin Knit Pilot Hat


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4 Responses to “Yet Another New Knit Penguin Hat”

  1. Gabyyyy Says:

    Where can i buy this product??? As it is not on that website.

  2. Jason Desmarais Says:

    you can find them in Québec, everywhere

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