Penguin Slippers This Years Big Seller

Every year there’s a runaway big seller during the holiday season that simply eclipses the rest of our penguin inventory.  One year it was our Giant Inflatable Penguin, another year it would be a penguin couple plush or wind-up penguin pooper.  But this year our biggest seller thus far is our  black and white and adorable emperor chick penguin slippers.  The reasons are usually two fold other than cuteness (which everyone already knows they are.  The first reason is price and both these slipper styles are under $20.  The next reason is availability and not necessarily  our availability, but the availability of the slippers on other websites.  It seems that we stocked up on these annual best sellers and other website that were offering them did not, although we are now sold out of the Plush Penguin Slippers in the larger size.  Besides, slippers make for great gifts for penguin lovers of all ages and genders.  In the meantime we’ve been selling out of between 5 -8 penguin items a day since the start of the holiday rush and right now our inventory has gone from about 675 different penguin items to 529 and counting.

Emperor Chick Slippers are still available in all sizes.


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2 Responses to “Penguin Slippers This Years Big Seller”

  1. casey Says:

    how do i purchase these slippers?

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