Go Penguin Highlights Domestic Violence

The Penguin Post has learned that A Go Penguin highlighting the issue of domestic violence is on display outside Liverpool Town Hall.

The five foot ‘Girl Power’ penguin has been funded by South Liverpool Neighborhood Management Team and Liverpool PCT.

It was designed by volunteers at Speke Garston Domestic Violence Project along with people who have benefited from the work of the organization.

The front of the penguin is painted in brambles symbolizing darkness, and through the brambles is a green shoot which represents hope. At the back of the artwork is a tree, with a caterpillar at the bottom which transforms into a butterfly, representing women coming out of the bad times and into a bright future.

On Monday, 14 December, representatives from the project will be visiting the penguin together with workers from the Liverpool White Ribbon Campaign. Each year, it urges men and boys to wear a ribbon for one or two weeks, starting on November 25, to highlight the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women.

Bliss Ellis from Speke Garston Domestic Violence Project said: “The penguin represents the struggle women face in their personal relationships, when striving to gain satisfaction and wellbeing.”

Councellor Marilyn Fielding, executive member for safer, stronger communities, said: “This thought-provoking project is an excellent way of highlighting a serious issue.

“It is in a high profile position in the city center and will be seen by many thousands of passers by and people who are following the Winters Trail.

“It will remind people that support is available and no-one needs to suffer in silence.”

Speke Garston Domestic Violence Project was established in 1996 and helps support women who suffer domestic violence, and educate people about the issue.

For more information about Go Penguins log on to www.gopenguins.co.uk


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