Ultimate Penguin Stocking Stuffers

They arrived late in the game this year as we hadn’t even known about  either of these perfect penguin stocking stuffers until only a couple of weeks ago, but it turns out that these late entries are the hands (flippers) down winners of this season most popular new penguin items award.  The co-winners are our Penguin Key Cap and Party Penguin Pasta, as both have become the better late than ever fan favorites of 2009. Both penguins sold out of their initial runs in record time, with the Penguin Pasta not lasting  24 hours before the cupboards were bare, and the cute Penguin Key Cap staying on the shelves for a mere 72 hours before selling out.  Fortunately, both distributers were able to get these items back on our shelves within a week and as of today they are both waddling off our shelves once again.

Why are they so popular? As my daughter Sophie explained to me. Everyone has keys, even kids, and the penguin pasta makes the most delicious mac & cheese in fun penguin shapes so no wonder everyone wants them. The kids got a future.


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