Penguin Place Penguins Miss Out On Snowstorm

We woke up this morning ready to shovel, shiver and go sledding only to find (to the disappointment of kids and penguins alike ) that only a dusting of snow had fallen on our igloo overnight.  Apparently the 23rd “Storm of The Century”  since the turn of the century  had hugged the coast a bit more than Mr. Weatherbee anticipated and mostly bi-passed Western Mass.  This is bad news for sledders, professional shovelers, and real penguins, but good news for Penguin Place because it means that our local transportation and airport will not  be snowed in.  So all Priority Mail and UPS expedited penguin place orders will ship out sans any weather related delays.  Who knew that Northampton Mass would have better December weather than our old HQ in Brooklyn NY?

Unlike NYC you'll have to look real close to find a snow flake in Northampton


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