UPS Last Minute Flying Penguin Rules

A couple of things people sometimes forget when ordering last minute holiday penguins and having them ship via UPS 3 day, 2 day or Next Day Air. First, is that “Brown” guarantees nothing the week before Christmas, so your packages basically go from UPS 3 Day Guaranteed to UPS we’ll try to get your package to you in 3 days but if we don’t it’s not our fault as we’re really busy so don’t ask for your money back if your package is late service. Also, lots of folks forget that UPS does not count the day of pick-up towards the 3 days. So, a package being picked up today (Monday) may not get to its appointed destination until Thursday and not be considered late. Even more sobering is they don’t pick up or deliver on weekends, so if you placed an order on Friday night for UPS 3 day ground, it may not make it to your home until Thursday, a full 6 days later. Just a few sobering things to be aware of during the last few frantic days before Christmas.

Also, congrats to Jim Hampton of Oakland, Ca who was the first caller for our found pair of plush penguin slippers. You’ll be interested to know that another pair was returned to us this afternoon by a customer who received a pair by mistake instead of the Emperor Chick slippers, so if anyone else is interested in a mens size 7-9 plush penguin slippers give us a call at 1 877 736-4946

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