Penguin Computer Electrocuted

On Tuesday evening I fried my computer. Literally. The sequence of events leading up to this began on Sunday afternoon when my daughter suggested we go ice skating for the “open skate” session a couple of hours before our scheduled skating lesson. She loves ice skating and she convinced me to sign up for lessons as well so we could take them together. Unfortunately, we don’t take them together, but that’s another story. So anyway, we skated for 90 minutes in the open skate, then had an hour long lesson, then we stayed on the ice another 45 minutes for the skate class Holiday Party. Great cupcake btw. Needless to say the next morning I was pretty sore. Still, one must answer the call so the following morning (Monday) and after dropping the kids off at school I reported to Penguin Place and worked all day sending out a few dozen last minute Penguin Place orders, and when for some reason when my wife returned home from her job at 5:30 pm I headed out to play in my Monday night Domeball baseball game in Bernardston (which is about a half hour north of here). I hadn’t played in a few weeks as it’s been too busy at Penguin Place, but I figured with me caught up at Penguin Place and the volume of orders down a bit with only a few days to go before Christmas I could swing it, and swing it I did. We won 14-4, I had three hits, drove in a couple, scored three times and pitched three innings. I even stole two bases!! Unfortunately, the next morning I could hardly move. Between the skating, packing penguins, total lack of exorcise the past three months and some inspired baseball my body had virtually shut down. But, sadly I could not shut down. I still had to wake up at 7 a.m. take the kids to school and had to pack penguin orders all day, dragging my body with me all day long. The term schlepping comes to mind. That evening I shuffled or schlepped upstairs to check on any Penguin Place e-mails or phone messages. I had been shuffling all day long on the carpet on my steps and upstairs, and apparently I had been building up so much static electricity that when I touch my computer there was an audible shock that nearly sent me flying and apparently completely fried my computer. At first I thought this only a temporary setback for my old reliable Mac, but when it wouldn’t respond the next morning I took it into the shop and the diagnosis was not good. My logic board was fried. I asked if it was possible that a static electrical shock could have caused this and the Mac Tech said they’ve never heard of such a thing, but my sister in law who is a Mac girl deluxe claims she’s heard of this happening. So people,  don’t build up 36 hours worth of shuffling and static electricity on your carpet and then touch your computer (or someone with a pacemaker). Nothing good will come of it.

Baseball pals in nicer weather. That's me on the right. Notice the Penguins team shirt that Fio is wearing on the left.

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