Baby King Penguin Stars At Edinburgh Zoo

The Penguin Post has learned that the penguin keepers in Edinburgh have been celebrating the first king penguin chick born at Edinburgh Zoo in five years.
The fluffy brown bundle of fun will be easy for visitors to spot in the zoo’s penguin parade this Christmas. At almost two months old, the feisty arrival has not been named as it is still too young to tell if it is a boy or girl. The chick took staff at the zoo by surprise, surviving against the odds to be born just in time to delight visitors this Christmas.
King penguins are notoriously difficult to breed, as other penguins can become jealous and try to wrest the egg from its parents, often damaging it. Keepers had to isolate the parents and egg to protect the new chick.
Penguin keeper Lynda Burrill said: “This chick was a total surprise to us. King penguins normally lay eggs in June and July but this egg arrived in late August. In October the chick started to break out of the egg and a couple of days later the new arrival emerged.
“It’s a feisty little character, if one of the other adults gets too close it will stand up for itself and have a peck at them. It will hopefully be fully integrated into the group in the next week or so.”
The zoo was the first in the world to exhibit and breed penguins. The three king penguins that arrived on a Christian Salvesen whaling expedition in January 1914, were the first ones ever seen outside the South Atlantic.

Scottish Penguin Chick Warms Up The Winter


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