Evil Penguins

What’s black-and-white and evil all over?
Get ready to find out the terrifying truth….That’s it in a nutshell in this hilarious soft cover book I found yesterday while shopping for some belated Christmas gifts.  The 50 or so pages are like a penguins themed Far Side gone bad, in very funny ways.  Here’s a little synopsis.

Penguins. They’re everywhere — gracing movie screens, Coke ads, and merchandise. But don’t let those happy feet fool you. When they’re not surfing or marching bravely across the Antarctic, penguins have a whole other agenda going on. And it isn’t pretty.

In Evil Penguins, Elia Anie captures the antics of cute little birds who have gone over to the dark side. If you thought the worst a penguin could do is make you feel guilty about global warning, think again. Here are cartoons of penguins leading revolts, giving SpongeBob a swirly, causing plagues, clubbing baby seals, killing Inuits while dressed as ninjas, and wreaking havoc in dozens of other hysterically appalling ways. Both penguin lovers and those who know that evil can come in even the cuddliest packages will appreciate these bad birds.

In other words look for this at Penguin Place early in 2010.



One Response to “Evil Penguins”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Evil Penguins are invading!!! Hahahahahaha!

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