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Penguin Race Spare Parts Now Available!

January 30, 2010

After repeated requests over the last quarter century Penguin Place is at long last offering spare parts for the popular Playful Penguin Race. Now if you lose your penguin racers, crack a piece of track or burn out your moving stairs motor, Penguin Place has a replacement part for you. No longer does one broken part or lost penguin mean your only option to get your penguins waddling and sliding is  purchasing a brand new penguin race. We’ve got all spare parts for sale from the main motor moving stairs house to the decorative plastic flags and cardboard header.  Also, FYI all the penguin race spare parts that we’re offering are new and mint.

Space Penguin Cover Waddles Near Top

January 29, 2010

The Penguin Post has learned that the famous ( in our eyes ) 1971 “Space Penguin” National Geographic Magazine cover has been voted one of the top 50 N.G. covers of the past half century.

This great cover is from November 1971

A New Pair Of Valentine Penguins

January 29, 2010

A couple of new adorable and romantic Valentine Plush Penguins arrived at Penguin Place today. Waddling in at nine inches is Romantic Plumpkin Penguin and at eight inches is our Adorable Emperor Chick Valentine Plush. Both feature a glittering necklace of hearts and a sparkling ruby red pendant front and center. If our now sold out Valentine Plush Rosey and Ruby Penguins are any indication these penguins will be waddling out of stock sooner than later.

If this isn't love we don't know what is.

Penguin Valentine Cloisonne Pin Back In

January 27, 2010

Two items returned to our penguin place igloo today and one just in the nick of time.  Our always popular, romantic Penguintino Pin (which is now only $2.95) and our Fun Four Penguin Picture Frame.

Chicken Vs Penguin Video Takes First Prize

January 27, 2010

The Penguin Post has learned that the hilarious, funny, touching and irreverent Chicken vs Penguin video has won the top $100,000 prize from the Nikon Short Film Festival .
The sweet, coming of age as a mascot video entitled Chicken vs Penguin submitted by budding filmmaker Marko Slavnic, tells the story “of unexpected love brought to life through a fast food mascot rivalry between a boy and girl.” Like all of the over 1200 entries, Chicken vs Penguin is less than 140 seconds long. Unlike the other 1200 entries this one has a penguin in it and it won first prize. Two flippers up. Way up

Go Penguins Auction Goes Global

January 27, 2010

The Penguin Post has learned that the Go Penguins auction of Penguin Art is to go global.
We’ve already raved about the Liverpool public art extravaganza Go Penguins, and now they’ve announced that the penguin auction of Go Penguin art will now be opened up to the world via the internet allowing bidders to pick up their favorite penguin(s) from anywhere in the world!
This move will maximize the potential for the nominated charities to benefit from the heralded public penguin displays that electrified the city this winter.
The auction will take place from 9am ( English Time which makes it 3am EST) on Wednesday 3 February and close at approximately 2pm on Friday 5 February. Potential buyers must make sure they register on the site in plenty of time to bid.
The Go Penguins organizers are also delighted to announce that due to public demand, the penguins will again go on public view for one last time at St George’s Hall, Liverpool on 3 and 4 February, so the general public can say their final goodbyes to the much loved waddlers before they head for their new homes.
Having received great international media coverage to maximize the full potential for the charities Go Penguins had to find an alternative way of opening up the auction to everyone, allowing people from anywhere in the world to bid. This way, everyone benefits, none more-so than the charities.
Charities benefiting from the auction include WWF – For a living planet.

For more information visit

The event is being delivered by Wild In Art, specialists in public art, education and conservation projects. for more details.

Penguin Power

January 26, 2010

A $5 million habitat housing two dozen African black-footed penguins opens in March at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies outside of Knoxville, Tenn. With more than 4,000 square feet and a 30,000 interior saltwater tank, Penguin Playhouse is the largest and costliest expansion for the Gatlinburg aquarium that opened in December 2000. But General Manager Ryan F. DeSear said neither size nor cost is what makes the indoor/outdoor exhibit unique. That, he says, comes from the area’s interactive design.

RIP Rosey The Valentine Plush

January 26, 2010

Sadly, our last Rosey, the adorable and very popular Valentine Plush Penguin was sold at 7:36 a.m. eastern standard time.  What’s even sadder is we cannot get anymore.  On the flip side, our flip style penguin cell phone covers are back in stock and not a moment too soon.

Romantic Flip Style Cell Phone Cover?

Penguin Place Now On Facebook

January 26, 2010

As if you didn’t have enough penguins in your life, now you can sign up to be a fan of Penguin Place on our new Facebook page.  Well, it’s not actually a new page as we set it up in the Fall, but we ( I ) never really got around to making anything of it since the launch.  Been too busy packing my kids school lunches, blogging, ice fishing and taking care of other important penguin related activities to get around to the  Penguin Place Facebook Fan Page.  But, there’s nothing like a real rainy January day to motivate you to catch up on things you’ve ( I’ve ) been meaning to do, and this was one of them.  So, go sign up so I can see what you look like and perhaps what witty penguin comments you have to make.

A Rare Photo Of Young Penguins Ice Fishing In Western Mass

No Kicking Penguins!

January 25, 2010

Colby Chipman sits at the living room table, drawing planets.
It’s ironic, because one of the autistic boy’s recent sketches offered a lesson in how small planet Earth has become as the Penguin Post was touched to learn.
“Who would’ve known that my sons drawing could end up in Antarctica?” his mother Michelle asks, as she smiles and shrugs.
In October, she was walking down the hall when she kicked an inflatable penguin — which had been recently won at the Regatta — out of her way.
Seven-year-old Colby, who’s in Grade 2 at Paradise Elementary, promptly advised her that kicking penguins was prohibited.
He left the room for a minute, returned requesting Scotch Tape and then posted a hand-drawn sign — a woman kicking a penguin, in a circle with a diagonal line through it (as in a No Smoking sign).
Written around the image was the decree Colby had issued earlier — “No kicking penguins.”
Michelle was thrilled with his cleverness, and with the deeper message about being kind to birds and animals.
“For him to actually see that with an inflatable penguin,” she says in amazement.
The drawing was a hit with family and friends.
Colby’s aunt, Paula Stacey, scanned it and made a T-shirt for Michelle as a gift for her birthday in December.
His uncle, Craig Stacey, who was home visiting from Chicago, saw the shirt and posted it on Reddit, a social news website. He put it on his blog,, the next day.
“I had a feeling it would catch on with a certain group of people,” he says from the Windy City.
And catch on it did, prompting hundreds of comments and spending a day on Reddit’s homepage.
While some questioned whether or not a child had actually created it, most of the comments raved about the drawing.
But it was the reaction of a guy who works at a British research facility in the Antarctic that caught Colby’s family by surprise and provided an example of how much technology has shrunk the world.
Less than a day after Stacey posted the image on Reddit, the Brit posted a “No kicking penguins” sign outdoors, proclaiming online that it is now official policy in Antarctica.
He took a photo of it next to a real penguin and posted the pic on Reddit.
“Colby was excited,” Michelle recalls of her son’s reaction to the picture.
“He said, ‘No kicking penguins,’ and he jumped up and down looking at it. He said, ‘A penguin. There’s no kicking penguins.’”
Stacey was blown away that it showed up in Antarctica. He’s not surprised the sketch caught on though. He figures it’s attractive on a number of fronts.
“The simple little pencil drawing. The complete non sequitur, like, why would you have a sign, ‘No kicking penguins?’ And just the silly nature of the drawing. All of them combined together. Well, of course there’s no kicking penguins. Everyone is going to agree with this.”
Because of the interest, Stacey has started selling T-shirts and other items bearing Colby’s drawing as a fundraiser for autism.
He’s set up to do so, and the proceeds this month are going to the autism society in the United States.
Next month, the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador will get the money raised.
Michelle, who is a member of the latter group, hopes it raises money and awareness for autism.
If things go well, they might put some of Colby’s other drawings on shirts.
He has a whole list of things that shouldn’t be kicked and has already done a “No kicking flamingos” drawing.
“We’re tickled to death,” Michelle says of what’s happened.
“It is still amazing,” says Colby’s dad, Scott.
“When I was a kid, drawing like that, it would never end up in Antarctica, and for that to happen so quickly and to see it online was just cool.”
Colby, still drawing at the table, asks for some markers.
He’s adding color to the planets, just like his penguin drawing has done for this one.

‘”No kicking penguins” as now an official policy in Antarctica.