Penguins Of Higher Learning

Did you know that there was not one, but three universities that have a penguin as their school mascot? The largest school of the bunch is the YSU Penguins of Youngstown State in eastern Ohio. The YSU Penguins have a great pair of mascots ( Pete and Penny Penguin) and their sports teams (especially football and basketball) are always a big deal. The town of Youngstown are all about their penguins.

Penny & Pete the cool YSU mascots

Next is Dominican University of California. The mascot’s name is Chilly and although the school is small compared to YSU they have some classic penguin uniforms and a whole iceberg of penguin pride.

The uni from this Dominican College womens basketball game is penguin perfect. Also, notice the school mascot behind her.

Lastly, but not least is beautiful Clark College in Vancouver, WA. This school takes its waddling heritage very seriously. Besides a very cool penguin mascot and penguins throughout the school, they have taken a trio pop tunes and penguinized them. At Clark College the students can learn how to “Walk Like A Penguin”, waddle to “Sweet Home Penguin Nation,” or slip slide off to Spring break with “Penguins Just Want to Have Fun!” In his 2007 State of the College address, President Bob Knight proclaimed Clark College to be “The Penguin Nation.”
That cool concept has taken flight in everything from Penguin Nation pins to dozens of other penguin items that can be found in the Clark College Bookstore. Very impressive stuff.

Clark College Grounds and Nursery Specialist Gayla Shanahan transformed the juniper bushes outside of the Frost Arts Center into a flock of penguins.


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