Penguin Thief Caught On Candid Camera

WOODINVILLE, Wash. – Every year, holiday lawn ornaments are stolen from someone’s property. Sometimes it’s a prank. But what do you do if it’s a neighbor and you catch him on camera?
The Hood family first noticed the missing holiday lawn ornament coming back from vacation last night.
“Right when we pulled up to the driveway I saw that only one penguin was there,” says 10-year-old Alexis Hood. “And I didn’t know where the other one was and I was really sad.”
Alexis saved up all year to buy a pair of $60 penguins which they displayed on the porch of their home in Woodinville’s Upland View neighborhood. Now just a sole seabird remains.
“You’re not stealing from me the homeowner you’re stealing from a 10-year-old little girl,” says Nathan Hood, Alexis’ father. “That’s the upsetting part.”
Nathan immediately logged on to see if the home’s surveillance cameras did their job. Around 2 a.m. New Years Day, a couple can be seen walking their dogs across the street. They double back and the young man walks up to the hood’s house. For the next two minutes he unties and unplugs the ornamental penguin sitting on their front porch, then takes off running down the street.
“This looked like a husband and wife, older, somewhere in their mid twenties. Not your typical high school kids, ” says Nathan Hood.
As sad as it is, he believes the penguin poacher is probably a neighbor.
“Somebody in this neighborhood, since they were walking their dogs, they’re from right around here, has the audacity to walk up to a neighbor and steal a Christmas decoration out of their front yard,” Hood says.
The family is hoping the thief or his friends will see the story and he’ll be embarrassed into doing the right thing.
“I want to see my penguin come back,” says Alexis.
The thieves appear to be walking a golden retriever and a smaller dog. The Hoods say they’ll be on the lookout, but hope the penguin will be returned, no questions asked.


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