This Penguin Flys (Like a Missile)

We at the Penguin Place Post have come across many types of penguins over the years, but this “penguin” is a real killer.  Literally. The Penguin Mark 2 Mod 7 is a relatively small anti-ship missile with a very distinctive profile. Its boost-sustain solid fuel rocket motor gives the 120 kg/ 260 pound sub-sonic missile a maximum range of 34 km/ 21 miles, using inertial navigation and a passive infrared seeker for no-warning guidance. It can take an oblique path to the target, turning up to 180 degrees around.   It can also can perform random weaves before striking the target at the waterline, or executing a pop up and dive attack. The Penguin Mark 2 Mod 7 is operational on helicopters of the Norwegian, US (AGM-119B), Australian, Greek, Turkish, and South Korean navies, and is also qualified for use on Brazil’s “AH-11” Super Lynx helicopters. And we thought penguins were only good swimmers.

Penguin Being Fired From A Helicopter



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