Lucky Little Penguin Plucked From Playground

The Penguin Post has learned of yet another rescued wandering baby penguin story in the land down under.  This time in New Zealand as a lucky lost baby blue penguin has found a new nest at Wellington Zoo.
The fluffy male, estimated to be between six and eight weeks old, is being looked after at the zoo’s new animal hospital – The Nest.
The healthy penguin was found wandering in a playground on an Oriental Bay beach and taken to the zoo on Wednesday.
Vet Lisa Argilla said it was common for baby blue penguins to wander from the nest. Chicks required so much food that both parents would go on the hunt, leaving the young birds to their own devices. “Their parents are out fishing for them because they’re such gluttons.”
The baby in question proved his appetite in front of a crowd yesterday, gulping down fish in quick succession. “He’s pretty good at inhaling a whole fish. It’s quite amazing how much he fits inside him.”
The penguin, unnamed because he may still be returned to the wild, was then put by a window so the crowd could get a closer look.
Zoo visitors Milena, 8, and Twilo Bevan, 5, were fascinated.
It was a good learning experience, Milena said. “It shows you how you should feed a baby penguin should you ever find one.”
The penguin is one of 15 animals from outside the zoo treated at The Nest since it opened last month.

A baby blue penguin, found wandering in Oriental Bay, is fed a yummy snack by vet nurse Angelina Martelli at Wellington Zoo.


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