These Pittsburgh Penguins Like Snow!

The weather outside may be frightful of late in western Pennsylvania, but some non-hockey playing penguins of the Steel City thought it was delightful!  The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium held its annual penguin walk this past Friday.  Six of the 33 birds housed at the facility enjoyed flocking about in the frigid 18 degree temperature and light snow.  It is rare for the cold weather cuties to be able to walk about in such perfect weather conditions.  Ironically, according to Tracy Gray of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, not all snowy conditions are ideal for penguins.  “They can sink in, if the snow is too soft and slip if it is too icy, but today the snow was fresh, soft and perfect,” Gray said. Two King and 4 Macaroni penguins were able to play on a slide built just for them and waddle around in their winter wonderland.  Sounds like some perfect penguin Pittsburgh fun, and the hockey playing Penguins ain’t bad either.

These real Pittsburgh Penguin try out their snow slide.


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