Cool Penguins For Valentine’s Day

This little guy is the definition of penguin passion

I know it seems like we just got through the “holiday season” and now here comes Valentine’s Day less than a month away.  Oh well, what can ya do.  Fortunately, we at Penguin Place have some cool romantic waddlers that won’t cost you a flipper and a leg.  In our Valentine Penguin Section we’ve got a few dozen heart warming penguins from jewelry to apparel to plush and even mushy penguin cards, and we’ll be adding some more as we get closer to V-Day.  In stock now is a long time favorite Valentine Plush Penguin with his cute knit sweater and satin red heart and coming next week is our 11″ tall Rosey the Romantic Plush Penguin complete with a lovely red rose.

Rosey will be available in about a week!


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8 Responses to “Cool Penguins For Valentine’s Day”

  1. IAN Says:

    Wow, Valentine is really just around the bend! Thanks for the reminder and have Happy Holiday! Awesome Post BTW!

  2. Sarah Macki Says:

    What day exactly will Rosey be available?

  3. Erik Says:

    Question pertaining to one of your Valentine Penguins.

    When will Rosey the 11″ tall penguins holding a rise be available for purchase (it says next week) howeber when next week, also what’s the “cost” of Rosey?

    Thank you,

    • Eric Bennett Says:

      Sadly, Rosey was discontinued by the manufacturer.

      • Jordan Ferrer Says:

        So, I got this for my girlfriend back in 2010 and she absolutely loved it. Her ex-bestfriend threw it in a bonfire a couple years back.. After 5 years of not seeing her (reason why, just think of the movie “The Notebook”. Almost exactly what happened in the movie was real in my life haha) I was gonna give this to her. Am I able to get a manufacturing companies name? I would pay triple for this penguin! I need it!
        All else fails I’d look for one that someone is selling or something. But huge doubt there.

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