Liverpudlians Vote For Their Favorite Go Penguins

THEY were the weeks the whole world went Penguin-crazy. The 200 fibreglass penguins may have been confined to Liverpool and Merseyside, but interest in them has come from across the world. As part of the Go Penguins public art show organised by Liverpool City Council and Wild in Art, we asked the public to design their own penguin suits. And the replies have just flooded in. No just from people inspired by the penguins dotted across the city, but by folk from as far away as Brazil, inspired by what they had seen of the penguins in the internet. Young and old got the penguin bug alike. By the time entries closed last week, we had over 500 designs for the penguins, with the youngest entrant just three years old, and the oldest a veteran 94. ECHO editor Alastair Machray said: “I’m thrilled by the response to the competition, the response to the penguins and the level of creativity on display. “It’s been a wonderful initiative that everyone’s loved – both out on the streets and in the pages of the ECHO. “There’s a vital environmental message, of course. But penguins are fun and it’s great to see so many people joining in.”

Go Penguins was commissioned by Liverpool City Council as part of Year of the Environment and was organized by Wild In Art, which was responsible for the Go Superlambananas trail in Capital of Culture year.

From November to January, penguins were dotted around Liverpool decorated by artists and celebrities in all manner of styles, following on from the hugely successful Superlambananas

We asked ECHO readers to offer their own designs for the penguins, and out of the 500 submitted we have whittled the list down to 200, all pictured in this supplement.

Sally-Ann Wilkinson of Wild In Art said: “How exciting – over 500 entries Šand I’ve got so many favorites! We can’t wait to hear the result and commission an artist to transfer the winning design onto one of our official penguins in readiness for it to take centre stage at the Go Penguins Auction on February 4.”



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