Penguin Bowling!

Finally after two months on the back order list our Penguin Place store order of Penguin Bowling has finally arrived. My kids and I have had so much fun since Thanksgiving playing this game that I kept calling my distributer to check on the status of our order so the rest of the penguin loving world can also share in the fun. The game consists of 10 little penguin bowling pins that are about 2 1/2 inches tall, a little white marble ball and a 32 page booklet that is a guide to various types of mini bowling games and a few fun penguin facts. The way I personally set the game up was on our kitchen table using some old kids encyclopedias in a U formation as bumpers and back stops so the ball wouldn’t roll off the table. The penguin pins would be set up at on the inside of the bottom of the U.  I knew those books would come in handy one day. It takes about 2 minutes to set the whole table top alley up, then just make a score sheet out of paper and pen and presto you’re bowling. If you’ve got a decent pin-setter it (me) it may take about 30 seconds between rolls.  One night just after I picked up Penguin Bowling from a local store my oldest, Sophie, had some math homework to do, but really wanted to bowl, so I made a deal with her. If she kept score. I mean really kept score all by herself, including doing the calculations for  both of us with the frames after spares and strikes then she could blow off her homework. I figured learning how to self score in bowling, especially Penguin Bowling with bumpers where the scores average around 165 is much more of a mathematical brain stretch than any 1st grade homework she’ll have to do. After a brief tutorial she was on her way by the end of our first game, she was scoring on her own and doing all the calculations, plus she beat me 178 to 132 in game one and 164 to 141 in game two. I know because the score sheet is on our fridge courtesy of the winner and scorer.  Thanks Penguin Bowling!  My kid can score.

Penguin Bowling Fun For Everyone!


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