Penguin Pooper Leaves ‘Em In Stitches

Dear Penguin Purveyor,

This year I received a pooping penguin for Chanukah. I thought it was cute and put it on a shelf in my 5 yr. olds room. Recently he came down with a cold and we were looking for something to occupy our time other than Spongebob and coloring books. Enter the pooping penguin, 30 minutes later we were exhausted from how much we laughed. The movements and the pooping action was entertaining enough for us to have made a pooping version of table hockey and a sort of basket pooping/gathering game. Now, I know that the pellets are edible cola flavored candy but along with them not being tasty they’re better used when recycled. just the sophomoric humor of stuffing poop back in just to be pooped out, well you get the idea. In summation I would recommend the pooping penguin for relief of boredom due to cabin fever or flu.

Mark Lumpstein (Newton, Mass)

The Penguin Pooper


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