Priority Mail Hikes Make Penguin Lovers Pay

Since time began or since folks began shipping things via mail order, shipping and handling has for the most part equaled rip off.  Ever buy something on-line and think you were getting a bargain and then realize or were paying up the ying-yang for shipping.  I just purchased a winter knit hat from an un-named company and was charged $17.00 for shipping.  $17.00 for a knit hat that weighted about 12 ounces.  To top it off the company I ordered it from is in the same state and only 40 miles away.  Obviously, I really wanted that hat.   The point is that we at Penguin Place have always tried to be fair with our customers when it comes to shipping charges.  In order to make things as simple as possible for our customers we adopted a flat, price based shipping policy.  In other words everyone in the country no matter where you were located or how much your order weighed paid the same price.  A sub-total of $35 was $6.95 shipping  whether you were ordering from Alaska or down the block.  In some cases we came out $1.00 in the black and in others $1.00 in the read.  It mostly evened out and our customers knew up front what they were paying for shipping and didn’t find out in the last stages of the check out process.  But, about three weeks ago the post office quietly raised their Priority Mail rates along with UPS and Fed Ex.  The minimum Priority Mail price is still the same, but every other rate for over 15 ounces and distance has gone up.  Even under 15 ounces to different regions of the U.S. has gone up.  I won’t bore you with the rates and I probably already are boring you.  In fact, I’m boring myself, but what I’m trying to is try as we might to keep our shipping rates the same we cannot go on losing money on shipping.  I like keeping the simple flat rate for shipping charges, but these increases make it impossible not to raise our rates a little.  So, our lowest shipping rate is now up one dollar to $5.99 and our middle rate from $7.49 to $7.99.  We’ve also added a dollar to some of our larger order rates.   Hopefully, we can keep this steady for awhile.  Also, sadly I don’t think we will be able to offer any more free shipping for all orders over a certain amount sales.  Shipping is simply too expensive.  Just thought we should let you know.

These kids love our new shipping rates!


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