Celebrating Penguin Awareness Day?

How did you celebrate Penguin Awareness Day? Believe it or not, Wednesday was a special day honoring the unique birds. And while they’re cute, there are probably some things you don’t know about the puzzling creatures. “I think that everyone thinks that penguins are from cold-weather environments,” said Jeremy Goodman, the director of the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo. This is a common misconception. “Most penguins are from tropical climates, like our African penguins,” he said. And these birds do bite – but they don’t fly. At least not the way you would expect. “They do fly, but they don’t fly in air like other birds,” said Goodman. “They fly in the water. And they are incredibly graceful as they fly in water and use their wings to navigate under water.” Penguins raise their chicks together, and usually mate for life. And why do they look like they’re wearing a tuxedo? “You can imagine that if you’re a shark or a predator trying to eat a penguin, it’s to their benefit because as a predator is looking up, the underside being white will blend in with the sky. And when a predator is coming from above, the side being black blends into the water.” Goodman explained. But why do these birds get their own awareness day? “We’d like to think that all our animals get their own awareness day,” said Goodman. “But today is a specal day. Everybody loves penguins. And we love them at the Turtle Back Zoo.”

These penguins, roaming around the Turtle Back Zoo in Essex County, were the center of attention on Penguin Awareness Day


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