Penguin Race Spare Parts Now Available!

After repeated requests over the last quarter century Penguin Place is at long last offering spare parts for the popular Playful Penguin Race. Now if you lose your penguin racers, crack a piece of track or burn out your moving stairs motor, Penguin Place has a replacement part for you. No longer does one broken part or lost penguin mean your only option to get your penguins waddling and sliding is  purchasing a brand new penguin race. We’ve got all spare parts for sale from the main motor moving stairs house to the decorative plastic flags and cardboard header.  Also, FYI all the penguin race spare parts that we’re offering are new and mint.


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12 Responses to “Penguin Race Spare Parts Now Available!”

  1. Hunter Johnston Says:

    how much are the penguins?

  2. debra-jean johnston Says:

    how do i purchase a couple penguins?

  3. Jeff Says:

    Eric, your link goes to the main webpage. What is the part # or the direct link to replacement penguins for the Amazing Penguin Race? How much do they cost?

  4. mike Says:

    Looking for a replacement motor for playful penguin race

  5. Camilo Says:

    Do you have a link for the spare tracks?

  6. rashid Says:

    do u have still got spare penguins racers?

  7. Anonymous Says:

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