Penguin Corkscrew and Then Some

The cool penguin goodies ordered from the NY Gift Show a few weeks ago just keep on arriving at a fast and furious rate.  Yes, it’s raining penguins at Penguin Place ladies and gentlemen, and just today we’ve received new  kids penguin backpacks and water bottles, as well as the return to our shelves of the fun Mr. Penguin Hat for adults and kids, the toddler penguin picture frame, the always handy penguin glasses holder and the personal penguin fan in everyones favorite black & white design.   But, without a doubt the king penguin this day is the very cool Penguin Corkscrew.  The classic deco design and pure & simple functionality make it todays, “New Penguin Product of The Day”.

Penguin Corkscrew ready for service.


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