Singing / Dancing Penguin Graduate Makes Our Day

With  the NY Gift Show and Toy shows only being a couple of weeks apart and a combined 40 miles of walking and gawking between them, one can be forgiven if one (me) forgets an item or two that’s been ordered.  Between both shows I must have ordered about 50 new penguin items.  Some to be delivered asap and others to show up sometime in the next few months just to keep new penguins in the pipeline, as well  as not to have too many new waddlers overwhelming penguin place all at once.  With all these new items, it’s easy for me to forget an item or two that’s been ordered, even if it’s a very special one.  Such is the case with todays arrival of the Singing Dancing Penguin Graduate.  Standing at a very regal 15″ tall, all you need to do to get the song and dance penguin going is squeeze a flipper and give him some room.  Singing three complete verses of “if you’re happy and you know it”, this adorable waddler claps his flippers (or at least he sings about it), jumps up and down (he really does), and shouts hurray.  The song and dance cycle last about a minute and if my 7 and 3 year olds are any indication, to the delight of young (them) and old (me) alike.

If you're happy and you know it...



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