A Penguin Is Hero To All Of Canada

If you are an American Penguin fan like me, it couldn’t have ended much better. Perhaps a 4-3 USA triumph with Canada’s output produced by a Sidney Crosby hat trick would have been ideal. But an overtime loss that left the Americans just shy of a gold medal and established the Penguins #87 as an even more prominent national/world-wide hero is satisfactory. It is hard to carry much disdain for Canada. Technically, hockey IS their game. Sure, it would have been wonderful for the underdog U.S. to win an upset  gold medal. We would have felt great for a few days. And then…March Madness. And then…opening day for baseball. Then…college and pro football kicks off. This gold medal would have been pushed to the back burner. Not so for our Northern hockey crazy neighbors. This game was their identity. If they had lost today, the sun would not have risen from Vancouver to Montreal in the morning. To you Oh Canada, we tip our touques, and you have a penguin to thank for it.



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