Baby African Penguins Make A Splash

A special day for some penguin chicks at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.

They were introduced to the public for the first time Thursday and took their first swim. “Everybody, I would like to introduce you to blue black,” announced Laurie Masha, Penguin Supervisor at Mystic Aquarium.

At just two and a half, these little guys are about to make a big splash. Crowds gathered at Mystic Aquarium to see the newest African Penguins take their first swim. “I think they’re better in person than on tv shows because you get to see how they actually move,” said Rocco Vertuccio of Seymour.

After some hesitation and a little prodding, blue purple and blue black made that splash…and after some flopping around, they were naturals. “It’s like the first time when I started swiming, I was splashing everywhere,” said Giovanna Vertuccio also of Seymour.

The penguins don’t actually have names they’re known by numbers and colors. If you look at the beads on that little guy’s wing, you see that he’s known as blue purple but actually he could be a she.

“The boys tend to be a little more brave about things. He’s the one who doesn’t like the water though. We’re not really sure what sex they are,” explained Masha.

Determining the sex of the penguins will come with a blood test. But for now, these little guys or gals are just big stars around the aquarium.

A Pair Of African Penguin Chicks Just Before Their Debut Splash



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