Invasion Of Cool Penguin Figurines

When I ordered about 20 different limited edition penguin figurines from Westland Giftware a few weeks ago I had no idea how cool, unique and genuinely funny they’d be until I began opening their boxes to photograph them for    Penguin Place.  From the Peace Penguin, to Ice Skaters, to 1920’s Flapper Penguins, Pirates, Waiters, Roman Wine Drinking Penguins to Penguin Chefs.  As I anxiously opened their boxes each new penguin topped the last and the size (between 5 and 6 inches) and attention for detail was equally impressive.

Did I say I like these?   Anyway, I am so impressed I just sent out a Penguin Place Update to my penguin fans pretty much just for these items.  I figure with Mother’s Day and graduation just around the corner these would make great penguin gifts.


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