Penguin Love Triangle in S.F. Zoo Waddles On

A penguin at the San Francisco Zoo won’t be wearing a wedding tuxedo anytime soon — he’s still looking for his true love.

It may have been International Penguin Day for humans, but for Pepper, a single and sad Magellanic Penguin at the San Francisco Zoo hasn’t been in the holiday spirit lately and he has not found did love this breeding season.

Since being dumped last year  by his long-term, same-sex partner Harry — for of all things a girl penguin named Linda, Pepper has simply not been himself.

To make matters more dramatic this year, zookeepers are now seeing signs of tension between Pepper and the now coupled off Harry and Linda, and  they’re  worried that Pepper has been keeping to much by himself instead of making friends like the other single penguins.

Pepper and Harry and been together since adolescence and raised an abandoned egg together. But now, Harry and Linda are incubating an egg, leaving Pepper out  (as they say in the world of penguin love) in the cold.

Harry (left) and Linda waddling and frolicing at the S.F. Zoo.

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