Penguin Mating Season At The Edinburgh Zoo

Mating season has started for the Gentoo penguins at Edinburgh Zoo and the hunt for the best nest and the perfect pebbles to fill it has begun… The popular penguin parade features all three penguin species and is enjoyed by visitors of all ages. It’s the first zoo in the world to exhibit the king penguins, which is why the king penguin is on the zoo logo, and they are always very popular with the public particularly when they come out on parade. Funnily enough, the parade was actually started by mistake in 1951 when the penguins went for a walk then returned to their enclosure after a gate was left open. The Gentoo breeding season is the busiest time for the penguin keepers and it is definitely their favorite time of year when they get the chance to see the penguins busy working to welcome their new chicks. Now the public can see the special event too as the zoo have installed a webcam into the nesting area which captures all the goings on.”



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