Iceberg of Vintage Penguins at P-Bay

Since it’s inception about 2 years ago the P-Bay section of Penguin Place has been quite a popular destination for penguin lovers the world over.  Although it is not set up as an auction site like e-bay, the P-Bay section is a way for penguin lovers to offer other penguin collectors their used and vintage penguins without the pressure or risk of having your items under bid or not sold within the time constraints on e-bay.  Vintage Millie & Willie salt and pepper shakers

After a rousing start the first few months that consistently featured an inventory of usually a 100 or so penguins being offered in the p-bay section the inventory level slacked off a bit during late 2009 into early 2010 with only a few dozen penguins on the section at any given time, but in the past few weeks dozens of cool new vintage, collectible and one of a kind penguins have been added to the P-Bay swelling the fun icy inventory to nearly 120 penguins including lots of ceramic and glass figurines from the 60’s and 70’s, Carved Ox Horn Penguins, a Wood Penguin Comb, a Penguin Tea Pot, as well as some classic old  Millie & Willie penguins from the Kool Cigarette campaign from the 1950’s.

Hand carved wooden penguin comb.

There’s also a rumor that a real live taxidermy Adelie Penguin might be put up for sale if the owner can find an appraiser that can tell them what its worth.

This beautiful blue glass penguin sculpture is an example as what you'll find in P-Bay


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