Penguin Prison Invades NYC


    Sun, May 9 2010 | 0 Comments


    Photo Abbey Braden

    It’s nice to see someone finally bothering to become a pop star. Saturday night at Brooklyn Bowl marked the second time  Penguin Prison have played New York City (the first was last month at Mercury Lounge, also PP’s premiere performance and the night we officially fell in love with the band). In an age where slathering your Garageband demos with tons of reverb is considered Best New Music, we can barely contain ourselves when a bright young thing actually picks up an instrument and writes a song with the sole objective of getting heard by the most people possible. Chris Glover, the charismatic leading force behind Penguin Prison, is doing just that: setting the bar high, taking a deep breath, and pole-vaulting that shit into the stratosphere. Chris only has a handful of songs to the Penguin Prison name–the summer fun vibes of “Multi-Millionaire”, the hypnotic catchiness of “A Funny Thing”–but if this first smattering of material is anything to go by, he’ll be headlining festivals and selling out arenas before his career comes to an end.

    It’s become clear to all Penguin Prison’s early supporters that while all their tunes are solid, the real strength of what this band could become lies in “Don’t Fuck With My Money”, an incendiary-yet-amusing song dedicated to all the (prospective) haters, that musically belies PP’s roots in the Prince/Michael/Sting trifecta of ’80s pop perfection. It’s truly a sight to behold, especially when, at the song’s climax, Chris launches into a freestyle vocal run so epic The Artist Formerly Known As himself would raise a perfectly sculpted eyebrow in awed respect. “The Worse It Gets”, another fan favorite, takes the concept of pop abandon even further, with a chorus that boasts “I’ve got a car/her name is Jenny/She’s always there/To take me anywhere that I want.” It’s as is Ferris Beuller stopped being such a dick for a second and decided to try and top the charts instead.

    In short, there are no bad things about Penguin Prison, at all, ever. It’s bound to be a huge year for Chris and we just hope he’ll take us along for the ride.


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