Irish Police Hunt Dublin Penguin-nappers

The Penguin Post has learned that police in Ireland are investigating after a penguin was stolen from Dublin Zoo on Thursday, only to be discovered waddling through the city’s streets.

The female penguin, named Kelli, is thought to have been taken as part of a prank when a group of men broke into the zoo — but police are taking a dim view of the situation and say those responsible could face criminal charges.

“The Gardai (police) are investigating an incident in which a penguin was taken from Dublin Zoo shortly after 8:00 am (0700 GMT) this morning,” a police spokesman said.

“It’s believed a number of men took this penguin, however it was subsequently found” in a street a few kilometres (miles) away, he added.

“The investigations are continuing as to who these people are and the penguin has been returned to its rightful home,” police said. The penguin was unharmed during the incident.

Media reports claimed the men smuggled the 10-year-old penguin away from the zoo by bundling it into a bag and taking a taxi. They are said to have told the taxi driver it was a rabbit.

A non kidnapped penguin swimming at the Dublin Zoo.

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