Penguin Rescued By Keepers At Dudley Zoo

The Penguin Post has learned that keepers at the Dudley Zoo in the U.K.  have rescued a penguin chick left at risk by its mother, and they are hand-rearing a four-week-old Humboldt penguin chick after its mother built a nest on a dangerously- exposed bank.  Curator Matt Lewis said the mum chose not to use nest boxes within the enclosure, putting the youngster at risk.  He said: “We had no other option other than to remove the chick from the bank as it wouldn’t have survived.   “The nest could easily have flooded or the chick may have been taken by a seagull, as it was in a very vulnerable position.”   The chick weighs around 500 grammes and is being fed whole small sprats three times a day, taking around 50g per fee


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