A Seaworld Penguin Proposal

Colin Cabalka, a California Boy, and Emily Wilson, a Florida gal, have quite the love story. Therefore, when it came time for the proposal, Colin did not disappoint. He had to pull a few strings at Sea World to make it all happen in their world famous Penguin Encounter, but it worked! Colin explains the significance of his proposal:

“The idea of the pengiun proposal started with the metaphor of penguins picking a mate for life. Emily asked me (Colin) to be her penguin about a few months after dating, and the metaphor has always been part of our relationship. When I decided I wanted to propose, I had to do something really big, and yet still original and significant to our relationship.”

“Along long time ago, a boy named Colin reached out of a bus window and gave cookies to two girls, Sarah and Shannan, in Cannes France at the Film Festival. These girls then told Colin that he would make a perfect match for Emily Wilson (Sarah’s sister in Florida) and that they would eventually get married. Colin was skeptical but also a little optimistic. Colin & Emily began talking long distance without ever meeting, sending videos to introduce themselves, emailing, texting, skyping, etc. Eventually they met in the airport when Colin went to pickup Sarah and EMILY jumped out. They started dating the day the met, and they fell for each other fast.” 8 months later…a surprise proposal in the Penguin Encounter at Seaworld . It just goes to show how a little fun, communication and some penguin passion can go along way.


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