Sam Oppenheim Penguin Photographer Gets Married

The other day I received an order for a penguin wedding cake topper from the soon to be married Sam Oppenheim.  Not only does Sam have great taste in cake toppers (and brides) but he’s a very talented photographer as well,  and on his website are some fantastic penguin photographs from his recent trip to Antarctica.  Here’s a little something Sam wrote me about his penguin themed engagement.  Very touching.


Last year I proposed to my fiancee with a stuffed penguin that had her engagement ring on its beak. That was a lark because I had taken to calling her my little ‘cylon penguin’ due to Battlestar Galactica silliness and my upcoming travels to Antarctica. Now, of course, we both are more interested in penguins than we used to be and it seemed only appropriate to look for penguin wedding cake toppers – we found you on a google search and were so excited to discover a great store full of penguin merchandise! Congratulations on weathering so many moves and the recession. Keep up the great work!
Sincerely,  Sam Oppenheim

Lost King Penguin by Sam Oppenheim


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