Real Live Penguin For Sale (well, sort of)

Against my daughters fervent wishes Penguin Place has decided to sell our taxidermy penguin which we have been in possession of since this past Spring.  Apparently this real live (at least he was in the 70’s) Adelie penguin was one of a set of two, the other purchased by Andy Warhol.  As for how to price it, I found the last taxidermy penguin that was offered on line was a Humboldt which went for about $3,000 (taxidermy penguins are quite rare), and we all know that Adelie’s are much cooler than Humboldt’s, so by offering it for the same price we figure it’s a bargain.  Call it the taxidermy penguin recessionary price curve.  In the meantime unless there’s an unexpected quick sale Mr. Popper (as my kids call him) will be on the way to school next week for show and tell.

Taxidermy Mr. Popper and adoring fan


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6 Responses to “Real Live Penguin For Sale (well, sort of)”

  1. zanee Says:

    are you going to sell it

  2. JAC Says:

    Contact me please. I would like to know what the owners asking price is and make an offer, if it is still available.

  3. Steve Solomon Says:

    Is Mr. Popper still for sale? Let me know, I will give him a good home. steve 661-270-0907

  4. leah mcgrath Says:

    Not sure if this is the right outlet, but I have a taxidermied penguin I would like to sell. Been looking for awhile to find it a new home. My email is any advise would be greatly appreciated

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