Seaworld Chick Turns 25 (Days)

Caretakers at the SeaWorld San Diego Penguin Encounter say it will be another month before they know the gender of the newest emperor penguin chick. Spokeswoman Alexandra Kuty says sex is determined by the chick’s vocalizations. The 25-day-old chick will be introduced to the adult emperor colony when it is 4 months old. The penguin encounter is the only place in North America that successfully breeds emperor penguins. Spokeswoman Alexandra Kuty says there were 10 eggs this year but only one chick. It is the 21st emperor penguin hatched at SeaWorld. The chick weighed 12 ounces and was 4 inches tall when it was hatched. Today, it weighs nearly 2 pounds and is almost 7 inches tall. It will eventually be 4 feet tall and weigh around 99 pounds.


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