Penguin Doesn’t Pick On Someone His Own Size

The Penguin Post has come across what may be the feistiest penguin north of the South Pole.  It seems that this King penguin found a giant elephant seal blocking his path to the water, he stood his ground and then gave the elephant seal slap with his flipper.  It wasn’t long before the giant beast let out a huge roar giving the spunky penguin an incentive to find an alternate route around him.  The altercation on the South Atlantic island of South Georgia was captured by British wildlife photographer Robert Fuller, 38.  He said: ‘Several seals had just come out of the surf and were lying on the shore blocking the penguins from getting to the water. But this young penguin was full of bravado.”  Perhaps had he access to a slingshot things would have turned out differently.


I'm waddling here, I'm waddling here!



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