New Penguin Place All-Penguin Website

We’re proud to announce the launching of our new Penguin Place website that is replacing our other new Penguin Place website.  Sadly, although our Penguin Place 2.0 website was only 3 months old, it was filled with trouble from the get go that no amount of trouble shooting seemed to be enough.  Let’s just say we’ll never use Joomla again to build a website.  After months of frustration we decided to spend the last three weeks focused on building something in WordPress that would make even an Emperor Penguin proud, and just in time for my birthday (tomorrow), we launched today.  We still need to build a custom checkout platform as for the time being we’re partnering with PayPal (which is as secure as they come) for our checkout.

But, we’ve now got a easy to navigate category section, a real Gift Certificate option, a new P-Bay category, soon to be offered wish list and flat rate shipping and of course a fun new design and layout.  We’re hoping the penguin loving public and our long time customers forgive us for the last few months of a sub-par Penguin Place and enjoy our latest and best all-penguin website on the interweb.


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