U.K. Penguin Stabilizers

The London Natural History Museum Ice Rink opens today with some extra help for young skaters from the new penguin stabilisers. The penguin stabilisers are for children up to the age of 8 years and will help them glide across one of London’s most spectacular skating attractions. The Museum ice rink has become a much-loved part of London’s winter scene. It is surrounded by fairy lights, a beautiful fairground carousel and a stylish Café Bar with an open-air balcony. Friendly ice marshals are there to give skaters a hand and there is a junior ice rink linked to the main rink by an ice bridge. To launch the ice rink for this winter, the unique UK boy band the Great British Barbershop Boys provided entertainment at a special event last night. ‘We are delighted to bring back the Natural History Museum’s Ice Rink in its beautiful setting,’ says Louise Emerson, Head of Business and Commercial Strategy at the Museum. ‘Since it first opened 5 years ago, the ice rink has continually increased the funds available for our scientific work. ‘So, whilst skaters enjoy the festive spirit on the ice or in our café, they are also helping our scientists to answer some of the pressing issues facing the natural world today.’

Ice Rink Penguin Stabilizers



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