Classic Penguin Coffee Table Books

Recently a couple of the all-time penguin coffee table books have found their way into our Penguin Place P-Bay Section and are now being offered to some lucky penguin lovers.  Simply put, these books are sublime in content, layout and images, and to top it off have been out of print for decades.  My personal favorite is the incredible 9″ x 12″ Franz Lanting book, simply titled Penguin.  The title Lanting choose is probably because he set out to make it the definitive high end penguin coffee table book ever produced.   The book is short on text, but long on stunning and glorious pictures by one of the worlds foremost nature photographers and penguin lovers.  Printed in Spain in the early 1990’s, and at 160 pages of heavy duty, glossy pages the book weighs in at a hefty five pounds.  We’re happy to report the copy we are in possession of is in wonderful condition, as it was obviously owned by someone who not only loved penguins but cherished this book.

Franz Lanting's wonderful book simply called Penguin

The other great title by Roger Tory Peterson is Penguins, and it’s a trip down penguin the penguin time machine.  Printed in 1979 using pictures that span Peterson’s wonderful career, it was in its time “the” definitive penguin book as Mr. Peterson, a self confessed penguin lover meant it to be. It has a real 70’s look and feel to it, which is part of its charm.   This book is also large size ( 9″ x 11 1/2″ ) and weighs in at 230 pages and about four pounds.  But,  unlike the aforementioned Lanting book, Penguins not only includes hundreds of wonderful pictures, but illustrations, text and tons of interesting penguin facts, stories and incites.

Roger Tory Peterson's 1979 Classic Penguins

This book is also heavy duty book and has been out of print for about 25 years.   Although the exterior jacket is a bit worn, after all it is 31 years old, the book and cover are in excellent shape.   Making Penguins or Penguin a great, rare catch for any penguin lover.

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